Bovi-Bond Cow Hoof Block Adhesive 210 cc



* Larger dispenser ports - no more cutting tips or clogged ports

* Locking collar holds tip in place and prevents backflow

* Airtight capping mechanism for after use

* Airtight cap extends into tube an d ensures equal flow of both parts

* Durable tube design and larger openings prevent back pressure that can break seams

* Greater volume for your buck

Bovi-Bond is a state of the art fast-setting adhesive used to glue rubber and wooden blocks to cows' hooves. This strong adhesive sets quickly and secures a solid bond. Its unique chemistry possesses no odors. Simply dispense to the block and position against the hoof. No mixing is required and no waste is produced. BoviBond may be stored cold or warm and possesses a one year shelf life

Weight bearing in 2-3 minutes. No fumes or odors.

Special pricing is available to professional cattle foot trimmers purchasing in bulk. Please contact us for details.


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